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Frequently Asked Questions

Are celebrant led wedding ceremonies legally binding?

No they aren't. The legal registration needs to be completed by a registrar.  This can be done for around £57 at the local registry office.  The benefit of a celebrant is they will work closely with you to create a unique ceremony, whereas a registrar is limited to a standard script.

Are there any restrictions on time or venue?

No is the answer - the joy of a celebrant is the ceremony can take place anywhere.  The premises do not to be licensed for weddings..  It can be indoors or outdoors (weather permitting - a back up is always advised) and at any time of day or night.

Do you have to write our vows for us?

Not necessarily - your vows = your choice.  If you want to write your own vows that is fine and I am here to support if it is needed.  You can share them with each other or send them straight to me so they are a surprise on the day. I can help with poems, readings and music if required, I only ask that you get them to me in good time so I can calculate timings etc. to ensure a perfect day.

How is my data used?

Please click here to see my Privacy Policy.  You will be asked to sign a form to confirm you understand how your data will be used.

What about same sex couples?

Absolutely - no need to ask here.

Can we take photographs and have a glass of fizz during the ceremony?

Yes you can - you will not be restricted by registrar licensing conditions and have total freedom.  I can liaise with your photographer to ensure yogurt the shots you want.

Is being divorced a problem?

There is no problem if you are divorced as there are no legal implications with a celebrant led ceremony.

When should we book you?

Ideally once you have confirmed your venue you will book your celebrant.  Dates can get quickly booked up, so to ensure your choice of celebrant, book early.

What happens if you cannot make our ceremony on the day?

I hope this never happens, but there are contingency plans in place.  I will have emailed the venue a copy of the script and I have a network of other celebrants who may be able to step in last minute.  I always turn up early to a ceremony so this should eliminate traffic issues.  I always carry a full list of contacts in a book in case of no Internet. This is very unlikely to happen, so please don't worry.


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