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So why should you choose a Celebrant?






You will have spent hours, days and weeks researching your perfect celebration, from the venues to the cakes and flowers, so why just book a registrar who is restricted by rules and regulations and who you won't meet until the day? 

As a celebrant I am in love with love and want your ceremony to reflect you and your story. We will meet early on in the process and have lots of chats along the way. I want to really get to know you. There are no restrictions other than your imagination.  Anything that resonates with you can be included in your ceremony. You could be on a cliff top or on the steps of your favourite museum (permissions allowing). You can include your dog, your great aunt Joan, readings from close ones, a hymn if you wish, a sea shanty if that's your bag. One ceremony I wrote had the phrase 'to infinity and beyond......'!

Whilst a celebrant led wedding/civil partnership ceremony is not legally binding, you will have to do the legalities before hand, there are endless options for your perfect experience.

Naming ceremonies, Vow Renewals and commitment ceremonies have no legal implications so the sky is the limit!

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