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Wedding Ceremonies

As a professionally trained celebrant, I have the skills and experience to create totally unique and personalised ceremonies.


I am able to translate your wishes into reality, whether it is an elopement to a tiny woodland copse or a fully fledged extravaganza.   Couples can be young, old, divorced 18 times,  heterosexual or part of the LGBTQ community.  The possibilities are endless. One aspect of a  good ceremony is transformation - you start one way and end another.  The transformative element of a wedding is powerful and is in no way diminished if the marriage certificate is obtained a few days before.

As a celebrant led wedding is not legally binding, you will have to do the legalities before hand. Contrary to what is available in a registrar led ceremony, you are able to have photos of the actual ceremony, the guests may have a drink, your ceremony can be any place, anywhere and anytime.  You are able to write your own vows and to include people close to you for readings and poems. Most couples choose the 'no frills' legal marriage registration before the ceremony. Your celebrant led ceremony can  include the elements you have come to expect - the dress, guests, rings, vows.  With me leading your ceremony, it will be totally personalised.  We will have made a connection before hand, through meeting and chatting, and not just meet on the day.There is no restriction on content so you are able to include some religious content if that is your wish.  


The length and content of the ceremony is decided by you - there will only be one ceremony like yours.

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