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About Me


Hello - I am Tracey the Celebrant and I cover Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire (further if you need me to). I am in love with love and happiness. Ceremonies provide both in bucket loads. This career found me and I adore every minute. Some info here to help you decide if I am the Celebrant for you. Thank you for looking at my website.

Tracey is ......

Amazing, genuine, warm, remarkable,

individual, vibrant, welsh, authentic, fun, cracking, honest, compassionate, hilarious!

(Not my words - quotes from a Facebook survey I carried out ) 

Margot and Boo - my beautiful ragdoll cats.

Best Album

Best book

Best film

Best TV

Five things I love.....

My twin sons - they are twenty six now but still rock my world!

Laughter - anytime, any place - who doesn't get pleasure from hearing a giggle or guffaw.

The colour pink - it always makes me happy plus its always pretty! And who doesn't love a flamingo.

Rugby - specifically Welsh rugby. Being from Swansea its in the blood. Bring on the Six Nations.

Knitting - the joy from creating something is amazing.  It helps my mental health and I have made some of the best friends ever through this hobby.

I can count but.... I also have to mention cake..... no other words required!

And one that I don't.....

The fact that my sister lives so far away.........


I love to travel and have enjoyed visiting many destinations - as far west as San Francisco to India and Thailand in the east - and lots in between!

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